Unexpected News Could Prove Tragic

I got a phone call from my mom on Friday that scared me down to the bone. She said



that she and all her neighbors had been evacuated from their homes because of a fire that had spread from 15 miles away. It took 30 hours to get the evacuees back into their homes. 3 houses were burned down and my mom was able to go back to her home, as it was unharmed but I spent 30 hours on twitter talking to the police and fire departments on the progress of that whole situation. My mom had only her phone, some cash, and was wearing her house shoes. She had friends she could stay with but at almost 70 years old, she didn’t need this stress. Luckily, she came back to a house intact. She had insurance on her house and belongings but had she none, it would have all been lost with no hope for recovery. There are multiple insurance policies that you should have as an adult. Health insurance is a must. You get sick with no insurance, the costs could bankrupt you. Life insurance if you pass away early or in an accident. It protects your family in case something happens to you. Your family should carry auto insurance in case of an accident with your car.  If you own a home, you are required to carry home insurance to cover possible loss in case of fire or other disaster.

Insurance is meant to cover your belongings and health. There is a cost and it may not seem fair that you never get sick or are an excellent driver or accidents couldn’t possibly happen to you. In the most unexpected of times, when you have seconds or mere minutes to act or get away, you’ll be grateful that you and your belongings are covered.




Cleaning Toilets

IMG-8093 Housework still has to be done, no matter how many outside things we have planned during the week.  Today I had to clean toilets. I also had to pay some medical bills, strip the guest bedroom sheets, wash my favorite sweats, and try to figure out how to save a roast that just didn’t turn out right a couple of nights ago. It’s now in the crock pot.

My head is spinning with so many things and this is why I have to keep a list of what is priority.  The same thing I have with my bills. Since I have started the business, I  need to keep the many things in my life straight or one of them is going to be lost and that could be very bad. I have my planner that keeps my calendar days in order. My office has several spots that I can organize my different papers and statements. I try to open the mail every day and trash what has to and keep and file what needs to. Bills that are due go on the tack board so I don’t forget.  Using these tools are a simple way of keeping things in order and close so when I need to tend to them, they are at y fingertips.

Being organized is the key to success in getting your financial life back on track. You can’t ignore your monthly bills. You have to take charge and see it as, “I have to do this, don’t want to, but my life won’t be happy unless I do.”

I cleaned my toilets and did the laundry, sorted the mail, and paid that bill.  I can now relax and take pride in getting the work done.  Until tomorrow. Then we do it all again.



Getting the Job Done!

Starting a business is HARD WORK!!!  Warning…don’t drink a McDonalds Caramel Iced coffee at 9pm on a Saturday night. While I got more than 5 hours of the really great website work done. I was awake at 1:59am on the night that we lost an hour due to spring forward. I’m working on 3 hours of sleep and am fixing things that I screwed up last night. Pinterest suspended my account due to spamming but I’m hoping they review it and see it’s just an overtired middle-aged woman trying to launch a business about debt reduction and financial coaching.

I joined a financial coaching facebook group with a ton of resources and coaching techniques and fellow coaches to learn from. I do believe that I have hit the network motherload! When I started this little adventure in January, I honestly thought that’d be easier than it has been. I have had a ton of likes and shares on my facebook business page but not one phone call has come to my cell phone regarding setting up an appointment. Was I being naive to think that I could just do this and have it be a breeze? I love my job and I love helping people so why can’t people just let me help them make their life better?



The P. A. T. H.

P-ersonal   A-genda   T-owards   H-appiness

This is my plan to get you out of debt and make your finances work for you instead of tying you down. I have seen so many people go through their lives struggling with bills, and living on credit cards until they are maxed out. Then what? You start asking friends and family for loans you can’t possibly pay back. The bank has denied your requests for more credit, your mail is piling up unopened, knowing your checking account is in the red yet another month.  The paychecks don’t cover the outstanding bills and there seems to be no end to this hole that’s been dug. There is a way out. And I will help you through it.

Personal– This is a plan designed to help you out of mess that is your finances. This is your journey back to the healthy finance life you’e always wanted. Did you have it once and life got the best of you? Do you see any other way out? I will walk with you every step of the way so you can look at your checkbook or your online bank accounts and smile instead of crying or slamming the desk in anger or frustration.

Agenda– When you are knee deep in papers and bills and an amount of money was just given to you has to be delegated to those bills, I have a list or agenda to make it easy to give those amounts of money to the bills and pay them off.

Towards-Don’t look back at your mistakes. Look forward to the possibilities.

Happiness-Debt freedom, a hefty amount of money in a savings account, paid for cars, a paid for house, retirement savings to draw on after you leave your job so you don’t have to scrimp when you bank account is empty and Social Security is no longer there.

The P.A.T.H. is the healthy, reliable way to make your financial life successful. I will walk the path with you, give you tricks and tips, and support when you just need a break. I am less rigid than some other financial programs out there, but it will work. How do I know? My family just paid off over $200K of debt in 85 months. I did it with the P. A. T. H. and I want to help you too.