Unexpected News Could Prove Tragic

I got a phone call from my mom on Friday that scared me down to the bone. She said



that she and all her neighbors had been evacuated from their homes because of a fire that had spread from 15 miles away. It took 30 hours to get the evacuees back into their homes. 3 houses were burned down and my mom was able to go back to her home, as it was unharmed but I spent 30 hours on twitter talking to the police and fire departments on the progress of that whole situation. My mom had only her phone, some cash, and was wearing her house shoes. She had friends she could stay with but at almost 70 years old, she didn’t need this stress. Luckily, she came back to a house intact. She had insurance on her house and belongings but had she none, it would have all been lost with no hope for recovery. There are multiple insurance policies that you should have as an adult. Health insurance is a must. You get sick with no insurance, the costs could bankrupt you. Life insurance if you pass away early or in an accident. It protects your family in case something happens to you. Your family should carry auto insurance in case of an accident with your car.  If you own a home, you are required to carry home insurance to cover possible loss in case of fire or other disaster.

Insurance is meant to cover your belongings and health. There is a cost and it may not seem fair that you never get sick or are an excellent driver or accidents couldn’t possibly happen to you. In the most unexpected of times, when you have seconds or mere minutes to act or get away, you’ll be grateful that you and your belongings are covered.




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