Cleaning Toilets

IMG-8093 Housework still has to be done, no matter how many outside things we have planned during the week.  Today I had to clean toilets. I also had to pay some medical bills, strip the guest bedroom sheets, wash my favorite sweats, and try to figure out how to save a roast that just didn’t turn out right a couple of nights ago. It’s now in the crock pot.

My head is spinning with so many things and this is why I have to keep a list of what is priority.  The same thing I have with my bills. Since I have started the business, I  need to keep the many things in my life straight or one of them is going to be lost and that could be very bad. I have my planner that keeps my calendar days in order. My office has several spots that I can organize my different papers and statements. I try to open the mail every day and trash what has to and keep and file what needs to. Bills that are due go on the tack board so I don’t forget.  Using these tools are a simple way of keeping things in order and close so when I need to tend to them, they are at y fingertips.

Being organized is the key to success in getting your financial life back on track. You can’t ignore your monthly bills. You have to take charge and see it as, “I have to do this, don’t want to, but my life won’t be happy unless I do.”

I cleaned my toilets and did the laundry, sorted the mail, and paid that bill.  I can now relax and take pride in getting the work done.  Until tomorrow. Then we do it all again.




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