Getting the Job Done!

Starting a business is HARD WORK!!!  Warning…don’t drink a McDonalds Caramel Iced coffee at 9pm on a Saturday night. While I got more than 5 hours of the really great website work done. I was awake at 1:59am on the night that we lost an hour due to spring forward. I’m working on 3 hours of sleep and am fixing things that I screwed up last night. Pinterest suspended my account due to spamming but I’m hoping they review it and see it’s just an overtired middle-aged woman trying to launch a business about debt reduction and financial coaching.

I joined a financial coaching facebook group with a ton of resources and coaching techniques and fellow coaches to learn from. I do believe that I have hit the network motherload! When I started this little adventure in January, I honestly thought that’d be easier than it has been. I have had a ton of likes and shares on my facebook business page but not one phone call has come to my cell phone regarding setting up an appointment. Was I being naive to think that I could just do this and have it be a breeze? I love my job and I love helping people so why can’t people just let me help them make their life better?




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