Welcome to my passion. My love.. After so many years of struggling with money, I finally found a path that worked for me and I want to share that path with you.

What emotion comes over you when you think about money?

  • Happy
  • Sad
  • Satisfied
  • Scared
  • Hopeless

Any of those sound familiar? I want you to take some time right now and do a 20 second evaluation over your finances. Is it good as it looks now, or can it be better, or are you lost at what to do next?

This blog will  give you tips and tricks and ways to deal with your money, and the way you pay bills and get through the months that may be a little tighter than usual when extra bills or unexpected emergencies arise, as they will, for sure, from time to time.

Stick around and come back often. My job is to help you get through the rough spots so you look at your finances and smile. Yes, that can happen. You can smile when your bills are paid and there is extra in your checking and savings account. It can happen and I can help you.